Mini Dream Parties offers live animal photo shoots on our farm with a wide variety of animals for unique photo opportunities. Get up close with our ponies "Moon, Hannah & Minnie", goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, pigs, bunnies, ring tailed lemurs "Remy & Charlie", a south american red footed tortoise "Ruby", our red handed tamarind monkey "Max" & our Fennec fox "Kito".
Pet, smile & click!  That’s right, you too can be a part of a Mini Dream Parties Photo Shoot!  Enjoy petting or holding your favorite animals while our photographer (or yours) take the most incredible photos ever!  It’s a wonderful opportunity to personally get up close with a variety of animals, while learning more about their quirky habits and habitats. You will also have some beautiful photos to display at home, share on social media or just to show off to your friends!
Our photo shoots are very child friendly and we offer a wide variety of props to enhance your experience. From an authentic covered wagon to a custom Cinderella Carriage, you’re guaranteed to have amazing photos and a lifetime of memories. 

Our  animal ambassadors love the attention and we love to give it to them!  You can choose which animals you would like to pose with and we assist you during your shoot, ensuring you have a comfortable, fantastic experience.  Our trained handlers can set you in a pose and then arrange the animal in such a way that you feel safe and secure, and still get an incredibly amazing photo! Shoots are perfect for that unique childhood photo, an up close animal encounter or just because you want an entirely different look for your family photo! Whatever your will LOVE the results! So, give us a call or email today for more details if you would like to book your personalized photo experience today! 561-951-2857